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Fellow Practitioners Update / Re: Fellow Practitioner Issue 236 Dated 12 December 2014
« Last post by Badger on January 06, 2024, 04:08:08 PM »

Still no reply from Megan  ::)

Fellow Practitioners Update / Re: Fellow Practitioner Issue 236 Dated 12 December 2014
« Last post by Badger on October 29, 2023, 01:12:44 PM »

"Concerned"  ::)  enough to get a psych nurse to ring me and check my mental health, a nurse that agreed with most of what I said by the way, but no reply to my email below from Megan. Par for the course. No surprises there then.

Fellow Practitioners Update / Re: Fellow Practitioner Issue 236 Dated 12 December 2014
« Last post by Badger on October 11, 2023, 12:42:57 AM »
From: <>
Sent: Wednesday, 11 October 2023 12:40 am
To:;; 'BuildingAndConstructionPortfolio' <>; 'Chris Baillie' <>;; 'Amanda Smith' <>; 'Wal Gordon' <>; 'Emma Gee' <>; 'Hon Damien O'Connor' <Damien.O'>
Cc: 'TVNZ' <>; '' <>;
Subject: RE: Cover up of a near fatal explosion

Hi Megan,

I received today a phone call from a very nice lady called Emily Pyke, she was a nurse and rang to check on my mental health.

She listened and was very professional, a rare occurrence in my experience. Thank you for providing a vent for me, but I would rather explain to you in person.

I am confused though, as I say in the link below, my mental health can be improved considerably (and quite simply) with some honesty and fair play. In nearly 21 years I have received neither.

You obviously shared my emails with her and she mentions that I am at the end of my tether in those emails. How far along your tether would you be after 21 years of corruption?

I would appreciate a response from you and not an unknown person checking if I am ok, all I need is justice. Its that simple.

Yours with Integrity Paul Gee
Fellow Practitioners Update / Re: Fellow Practitioner Issue 236 Dated 12 December 2014
« Last post by Badger on October 10, 2023, 07:04:37 AM »

No reply, whatsoever.

Yes I am aware there is an election on and I am not at all important (15 years of being publicly set up and framed by corrupts has effectively illustrated how much I do not matter to these people).

But during an election wouldn't you anything to dismiss ANY claims of corruption and prove there is no corruption? Unless you can't dismiss or prove it...then best policy would be to ignore it...

Fellow Practitioners Update / Re: Fellow Practitioner Issue 236 Dated 12 December 2014
« Last post by Badger on September 19, 2023, 07:59:12 AM »

What is the point of having Acts and agreements if they are ignored when it suits?

From: <>
Sent: Tuesday, 19 September 2023 7:46 am
To:;; 'BuildingAndConstructionPortfolio' <>; 'Chris Baillie' <>;; 'Amanda Smith' <>; 'Wal Gordon' <>; 'Emma Gee' <>; 'Hon Damien O'Connor' <Damien.O'>
Cc: 'TVNZ' <>; '' <>
Subject: Cover up of a near fatal explosion

Dear Megan and Prime Minister,

Please see attached the agreements between the minister and the PGDB. Please can you point out where the PGDB or any minister before or present have honoured these agreements with regards to the near fatal explosion that has ruined my life, business and reputation. I know they have not honoured these documents in my case (and others) and can provide ample proof that the PGDB are incompetent and corrupt.

I openly put it to you that these “agreements” have been ignored by all parties that are mentioned in these agreements. I also put it to you that those who continue to ignore these legal documents (promises to do good) are as corrupt as those that inflicted the witch-hunt on my family.


Megan you have played on semantics’ and tried to avoid these agreements by stating that you cannot do anything because the PGDB have “statutory independence”, when this attitude is paired with their perceived “non liability” status as per the Act, it is no wonder that they behave as they do with utter impunity. It will never be fixed if they do not admit their wrong doing and atone for their egregious behaviour.

What appears to be conveniently ignored is that all these documents, (these attached agreements and the Act) have as a proviso that all actions of the PGDB must be done in good faith with the best of intentions, while observing natural justice. THE PGDB HAVE NOT DONE THIS, if you think they have please point me in the direction of that evidence.

I put it to you and the PM, that natural justice and good intentions have not been observed in my case whatsoever, and I am sure many others have suffered similar. If you ignore this, then I put it to you that you’re as bad as the cronies who act with impunity, I say this because your inaction condones their behaviour, worse it empowers their future behaviour.

Please can you honour the agreements and hold them to account. It is your job to do so.

A man nearly died in an explosion, in a situation I had continually warned could happen for nearly 6 years prior to that explosion. I was then framed and character assassinated to cover up their abysmal behaviour, huge conflicts of interest and incompetencies. Please call me out on this and I will provide all the evidence you will need. That is if you have the will to pursue fairness and justice.

I ask with all due respect (which wains daily) that you honour these agreements, or at the very least point out where I am wrong or mistaken. If you do not have the will or stomach for this then please point me in the direction of someone with a moral compass and a spine.

Happy to travel and bring my evidence with me, I have emailed and asked to see Damian O’Connor my local MP, but have received no reply.

As always this email will be publicly posted and on the link below (link has 165 000 reads specific to the industry)…

Please do the right thing and stop this corrupt incompetent cronyism. I just want my name cleared and the PGDB to apologise to my wife, while observing the recommendations made in the attached agreements and the NZ Law Commission, paper below in attachments.

Do you believe these well-meaning legal documents are not worth the paper they are written on? Or are the documents to be ignored to protect corrupt cronies? Please can you show this some urgency, preferably before the upcoming election.

Yours with Integrity

Paul Gee

Fellow Practitioners Update / Re: Fellow Practitioner Issue 236 Dated 12 December 2014
« Last post by Badger on September 18, 2023, 12:52:50 PM »
From: Paul Gee <>
Sent: Monday, 18 September 2023 12:49 pm
To:;; BuildingAndConstructionPortfolio <>; Chris Baillie <>;; Amanda Smith <>; Wal Gordon <>; Emma Gee <>
Cc: TVNZ <>; <>
Subject: Re: update your information

Hi All,

So I am to be ignored?

No one has corrected me nor pointed out my mistakes or anything I have "made up"... so where does that place you and your condoning of corruption for a near fatality?

I am appalled by your inaction. I would ask how do you sleep at night, but I guess the reply would be on ill earnt silk pillows.

For such outspoken, full of hot air people to remain silent means you have nothing to say, not even to protect your position...which ironically speaks volumes to me.

It appears you condone the innocent to pay the dues of the guilty.

I will post this with the rest on the link below, a man was nearly killed and you care not.

Yours with Integrity Paul Gee

On Wed, 16 Aug 2023 at 16:44, Paul Gee <> wrote:
Hi Megan,

Please see attached how you are very much able to hold the PGDB to account. It is literally one of your duties. I have attached a copy for your convenience.

You'll notice that the investigation has now been limited to 80 days and Natural Justice should be observed (please see snippet below).

For comparison, my investigation took just over two years (730 plus days) and Natural Justice was ignored, as was the DOL report that started all this off, the same report that names who was responsible and why it exploded, all totally nothing to do with me.


Amanda (from the PGDB), by means of an OIA request please can I get copies of the agreements between the minister and PGDB that was in place during the time from my initial warnings about dodgy certs covering dangerous work, when the PGDB illegally persecuted my family and ignored someone nearly dying from an explosion, after someone altered my gas work, i.e. from 2003 to the present.

Please provide the same agreement copies to all in the email address that this has been sent to. Please remember Amanda that 20 working days is a limit and not a target, it should be able to be sent tomorrow (but you won't and never have).

Yours With Integrity Paul Gee.


At no point have my accusations or claims been denied, think about that... I can back everything with evidence, and they know it.


What would you do if someone altered your work, causing an explosion that nearly killed someone, and then the PGDB go after you with focused biased venom while ignoring blatant evidence and terrorising your wife with child sexual abuse case notes.

Then when you proved it wasn't you that caused the explosion, the PGDB did not even attempt to find the really guilty, IGNORING BLATANT EVIDENCE AND NINE PEOPLE OF INTEREST ... all for a situation you spent 6 years trying to warn about it happening, well before it exploded, i.e. warning about dodgy certs covering dangerous work.

I have battled this for nearly 15 years, do you think I will give up, nah not in my character.

Like I told one of the corrupts "I am an African honey badger mate!!!." after the coward threatened me with "we'll railroad you if you make a mistake". He said this well before this explosion happened. Remember ya coward when I saw you a few years back and you couldn't look me in the eye, little scurrier you are ain't ya!!!.

Well the system that was too big to fail, has failed. All I said to this coward was "its all about who you know, not what you know"...when I was trying to tell him about how dangerous my old boss was. Think you are connected and protected???...I was the Nelson Master Plumber president at the time he threatened me at an AGM where the next day he became the National president. You know who you are spineless.

The more I look, the more I find, rotten to the core.

It could be you, think of all that work you have out there... all done in your name, then some monkey decides to mess with your safe work, hurts someone (worse kills them) you really think these people will do the right thing... I KNOW HOW THEY BEHAVE, its not a suspicion or opinion ... I have actually experienced it

From: Paul Gee <>
Sent: Thursday, 17 August 2023 8:47 am
To:;; 'BuildingAndConstructionPortfolio' <>
Cc:;; 'Wal Gordon' <>; 'Emma Gee' <>
Subject: Public inquiry

Dear Prime Minister,

I have just come across a very interesting article in the NZ Herald and as all things in law appear to be based on past presidents, I would ask you to compare the parallels in my witch-hunt to this situation in the article.

I would draw your attention to this article, link below-

From this article below in blue -

A few days into the Crown case it emerged two notebooks and hundreds of photographs had not made their way to the defence lawyers.

And -

In response to questions from the Herald, a police spokesman said a review would be carried out.

“We acknowledge the finding of the court regarding this trial and have immediately sought to rectify the issues identified,” the statement said.

The parallels to my case are over 100 photos were withheld by the investigator, as well as an extra note book. The legal counsel for the investigator apologised to my advocate (industry stalwart, Wal Gordon) for this undisclosed extra note book. Even the investigators own council was kept in the dark about this extra note book!

After just a few days, the Crown had to abandon the case against three potential murderers. Releasing them, I say potential because they couldn’t see the trial through, abandoned due to a faulty process.

In my case an opportunity to abandon my witch-hunt was offered to the PGDB via an “Impartiality” hearing that was held 22nd February before my May 2011 hearing . At this farce the PGDB judged their own impartiality… and hazard a guess what they decided about their own conflicts of interest ..yep, you guessed it, they totally decided they were impartial and went on to ignore huge conflicts of interest. Judging your own impartiality is at the very least awful grammar, an oxy moron.

“We are conducting a review of the disclosure in this case to ensure that our processes and training provide the platform for file managers to comply with all statutory requirements.”

If the crown can release three potential murderers and hold a review to comply with all statutory requirements, due to incorrect procedure. Why can’t the PGDB be made to look in the mirror admit their wrong doing and apologise to my wife. I have proved myself innocent after being put through the mill for it, after enduring a two year character assassination. Of which, I suffer consequences right up until today.

Why can’t we do the same with my case, abandon my case making the ridiculous appeal moot and hold a review to ensure it never happens again. If the PGDB don’t admit any wrong doing they will never learn. They are still to this day, and have done in the past, steamrolling people’s lives. All done in the face of the NZ Law Commission’s recommendations on conflicts of interest.

Past presidents are very relevant to my witch-hunt, dealing with the PGDB. Past presidents of child sexual abuse case notes were used to prove a point on probabilities. These were sent unmarked of their vile content to my home and opened by my wife, just before we were forced to sell our newly renovated home and she was forced to live in a caravan for a winter with my 3 and 5 year old sons, while I worked away.

Someone nearly died in an explosion and you are allowing the PGDB to ignore blatant obvious evidence that points to the culprit and 9 people of interest for the rest of the trumped up charges. My work was altered and a man nearly got killed, with two families very much affected (in a horrendous way).

The prosecution is required by law to disclose to a defendant all evidence against them and other relevant information held , apparently not if you work for the “PGDB mafia”. Which is how the young PGDB solicitor referred to the PGDB when making small talk with me outside my hearing.

If no action is taken, then I put it to you that you are protecting corruption with a lack of accountability for someone nearly being killed. Are tradesman lower in importance and basic rights than three potential murderers?

I don’t think this is you, and I ask you Prime Minister with all due humility and respect to please order a public inquiry or at least a review. Please do the right thing. Please explain how NZ is better served by protecting these corrupt cronies?

I am told regularly to “just get on with my life”, well if my life could be reinstated I would happily do so.

Yours with honesty and integrity Paul Gee

They know that you know....

Paul Gee
07:42 (0 minutes ago)
to BuildingAndConstructionPortfolio, megan.woods, Chris.Hipkins

Dear All,

FYI. Please see link below where I have posted my previous email on a industry focused forum, with over 163,000 "reads"

 I have told the PGDB that I have posted here previously about the corruption levelled at my family, They do not seem to care this is publicly aired in such an industry focused forum, they act above the law and even public opinion apparently, in the face of the NZ Law Commission and the Law of Torts.

Is this the kind of system that helps NZ?

Yours with Integrity

Paul Gee


Sent yesterday.

None of this below is denied by the PGDB, but they do refuse to talk about it, I am told they are still not doing the right thing up to today to people and have done it to far more people than just me. Sounds fair eh?

Anyone of you could be put in this position at any time, someone alters your work and if it suits the PGDB will go after you, even to the point of ignoring the blatant true culprit (and 9 people of interest at the same time). To the point of NO ONE being held accountable for nearly killing someone. No action from the elected "leaders" on this kind of corruption.

In my mind if you take no action against corruption, then you are by default condoning corruption.

Dear Prime Minister and Minister,

Please can you tell me when I might receive a reply with some meaningful action.

Or do you condone this kind of blatant corruption of which you are now more than aware of, corruption done with an egregious abuse of power that my family has had inflicted upon them. I struggle to this day, ask and I am more than happy to explain why.

I have proven myself to have done nothing wrong whatsoever. I proved myself 95% innocent of 44 trumped up charges in a biased and conflicted kangaroo court, with the remaining bullsh*t charge dismissed by a British Standard, which I was prevented from producing at my appeal. Does the ignorance of a corrupt disciplinary board make this legally accepted British Standard cease to exist?

I endured a 2 year witch hunt for something I tried to prevent for nearly 6 years previous to that explosion. Then terrorised for two years with threats, stress, withheld/misrepresented evidence, character assasination, untruths and child sexual abuse case notes (case notes to prove a point on probabilities in a gasfitting context, just vile and sick). Losing our home, business and reputation. I have had this struggle for nearly 15 years, the more I investigate the more I find. My will is not waning, but gaining as time passes.

This 2 year witch hunt carried out by people the NZ Law Commission states should not even be in power. A witch hunt that ignored all that was in the instigating document, a report from Dept of Labour that not only exonerated me, but named others who were far more responsible.

No one to this day has been held responsible for altering my work and causing an explosion and NEARLY KILLING SOMEONE, while ignoring blatant evidence and 9 people of interest. Most of this BLATANT evidence is not just in the possession of the PGDB, but also in your possession now.

All done while ignoring the ancient Law of Torts, that if ignored means we do not live in a free society.

Do you side with the corrupt or protect the innocent ?

I am aghast and very concerned that the present NZ democratically elected leader and his specific minister for energy and building/construction (which could not be a more relevant combination to an exploding building) have their hands tied when it comes to addressing this.

As per Megan's most recent letter to me, apparently the PGDB are statutory independent, and also non liable. Sounds a bit wild west, more like Cowboys and Idiots in my opinion. I know of more people who have had this done to them, right up to this day, they have learnt nothing from their "mistakes". Which appear to be in my case premeditated mistakes.

The only leverage us plebs have is during an election, or the lead up to an election.

Please show this the concern it demands at your nearest convenience, unless of course you side with the corrupts.

Yours with honesty and integrity,

Paul Gee

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