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Plumbing / Re: H J Cooper cylinder banging
« Last post by bowtieboy on August 01, 2018, 08:25:51 PM »
surely a arcing element would pop a circuit breaker or rcd !due to earth leakage

what model coopers is the cylinder? stainless steel coil wet back by any chance ?
Plumbing / Re: chlorine in chch
« Last post by Macmole on July 31, 2018, 06:02:40 PM »
When Hastings was first chlorinated heaps of cylinders went there. They found that the chlorine was cleaning out the pipe work and Hot Water Cylinders, which was causing the leaks. The councils network sprung a lot of leaks also, city care were kept busy digging up the roads to carry out the repairs
Plumbing / Re: H J Cooper cylinder banging
« Last post by Plumber on July 31, 2018, 01:52:17 PM »
I have had this issue before. It will be a faulty element ARCING under water.
Plumbing / Re: H J Cooper cylinder banging
« Last post by robbo on July 31, 2018, 11:38:45 AM »
hi guys, Roberto i have a 2006 300ltr `H J Cooper h/p cyl myself but dont have the problem you describe, have you contacted `RINNAI`as they took coopers over some time ago sounds like a strange problem that will/could result in a serious leak, needs sorting for sure, good luck and keep us posted, cheers
Plumbing / Re: chlorine in chch
« Last post by robbo on July 31, 2018, 11:29:04 AM »
hi guys, haven't heard of chlorine causing that problem are you sure it is `chlorine`cheers
Gas Station / gas fitting tools
« Last post by roberto on July 27, 2018, 08:55:22 PM »
where can i get a very small but long screwdriver for adjusting the flame on a gas hob? i also want to replace my manometer, i would buy a gameco one at $400 but ive seen cheaper ones for $1-200 that only go up to 14kpa but that would do for testing pipework wouldnt it?
Plumbing / chlorine in chch
« Last post by roberto on July 27, 2018, 08:47:00 PM »
anyone from chch runnung around replacing elements and hot water cylinders?

so far this month ive replaced around 15 elements in rheem/peter cocks cylinders and have also replaced about 10 peter cocks cylinders,

Plumbing / H J Cooper cylinder banging
« Last post by roberto on July 27, 2018, 08:44:02 PM »
hi guys,

just got called out to a job this evening, 4 other plumbers have been prior to me...this has been going on for a year!

its a mains pressure h j cooper hot water cylinder that makes a banging noise randomly, its a very loud bang that you can hear all through the house,

 i was sent by apex to replace the cold water expansion valve, I isolated the two ball valves either side of the cwe at the inlet to the cylinder, opened up the lever on the cwe to relieve the pressure and the bang went off like a shotgun, then the drain oin the cold water expansion felt hot.

is there anyway it could be a issue with the tempering valve non return? the take off line on the cwe does go up to the tempering valve,

from what the customers have told me ALL the valves (including the limiting valve in the garage ) have been repaced

the customers are starting to get frustrated.....
PGDB New Zealand Plumbing Gasfitting and Drainlaying Board / Re: Faulty Towers
« Last post by Plumber on July 04, 2018, 07:44:50 AM »
thanks  :)
PGDB New Zealand Plumbing Gasfitting and Drainlaying Board / Re: Faulty Towers
« Last post by robbo on July 01, 2018, 09:48:22 AM »
hi  Plumber, you asked for it,cheers
Leak latest saga in ongoing Christchurch Airport hotel 'disaster'
A major water leak at the $82 million Novotel Christchurch Airport has those involved labelling it a "disaster".
The water leak caused significant damage, insiders say, and comes after extensive delays because of mistakes with steel and multiple problems with pre-fabricated bathroom pods.
One contractor, speaking to Stuff anonymously, said at least half the building was affected by water damage from drain pipes, including plaster board, insulation, and the lift, which needed repairing because water went down the shaft.
"There are numerous walls that need to have the [plaster board] removed to dry out properly or else there will be black mould form in the wall cavities. It does not appear they are going to do this," the contractor said. They said the project was turning into a "disaster".
* Further delays for $80 million Christchurch Airport hotel
* Incorrect steel delays Christchurch airport hotel opening
* Opposition to Christchurch Airport building $80m Novotel
* Christchurch's new airport hotel part of property expansion
* Fletcher bearing costs of Christchurch justice precinct delays
The Warren & Mahoney-designed 200-room Novotel Christchurch Airport is a franchise partnership agreement between AccorHotels and developer, Christchurch Airport International Limited (CIAL), which is 75 per cent owned by the Christchurch City Council and 25 per cent owned by the Crown.
Because of an historical agreement with the airport, Sudima has the lease on the building. However, it will be run by AccorHotels as a Novotel, with the airport company retaining ownership.
Originally scheduled to open in December 2017, a mistake with steel last August delayed the hotel opening until February. Now sources on-site claim the completion date is likely to be April 2019.
A CIAL spokeswoman said it was unsure when the hotel would open and directed queries to Fletcher Construction.
"We are disappointed to have become caught up in Fletcher issues," she said. "We do not yet have a confirmed completion date and look forward to receiving that from Fletcher."
A Fletcher spokesperson said: "We are not going to discuss the specific details of the day-to-day progress or timeline of each project, or commercially sensitive information."
Stuff previously reported that pre-fabricated bathroom pods for the hotel were left in the rain. They were installed but later found to have developed extensive mould so had to be removed and completely replaced.
"Issues with bathroom pods were discovered as part of regular quality control measures at the site, and pods are being replaced to ensure a high quality build," the Fletcher spokesperson said.
Construction problems with the hotel first emerged last August when, as Christchurch Airport chief executive Malcolm Johns told Stuff, some of the New Zealand-supplied steel did not meet requirements.
Fletcher said it was supplied incorrect steel for some of the bracing elements, but this was identified on site before installation and was corrected.
The Christchurch hotel design is based on Novotel Auckland Airport, which was also designed by Warren & Mahoney. One contractor said "someone stuffed up", removing the boiler/plant room from the plan to add more rooms to the Christchurch hotel.
The design firm said it had not made any errors. "A separate plant building was part of the approved concept for the project", a spokesperson said, and directed further queries to Fletcher.
Fletcher was asked to respond to allegations that:
- The bathroom pods have cost Fletcher $6m to date. One bathroom alone cost $1m as Fletcher paid a 20 per cent deposit of $1m to a Chinese manufacturer for a prototype bathroom. The manufacturer delivered one bathroom but then "disappeared without trace" with the money, a source says. The third set of bathroom pods is now awaiting installation.
- Because it is late delivering the hotel, Fletcher is paying for full occupancy every night. One source puts this figure at "$40,000 a day" since December.
- The top floor of the hotel has been designed to use panels that are only manufactured in a square configuration, but need to be installed in an isosceles triangle shape.
- On the top floor, the air conditioning units are installed lower than the ceiling height.
- The dimensions of the building are wrong and it is 300mm too tall.
The spokesperson replied: "We are standing by our commitment to complete all our remaining Building + Interiors (B+I) projects to the highest quality, including the Novotel in Christchurch. There is no change to the provisions we announced on February 14, 2018."
On February 14, Fletcher Building announced further provisions for expected losses in its Buildings + Interiors business of $486m, leading to a total projected B+I loss of $660m in the 2018 financial year.

The Press
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