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Title: Another Winner from Builders Crack.
Post by: robbo on April 10, 2014, 02:13:15 PM
hi guys, this  job came in from builders crack today.

 Builders Crack wanting. A tradesperson ASAP
My house is 7 years old, has a large bathroom with no toilet in it, but plenty of space. i would like a toilet with a P trap put in, against the wall which backs into the garage, with waste going about 2m along internal garage wall (we can fit into wall, want to leave linings tidy in bathroom and do any access from garage side) then it can be taken out thru wall and bricks into trap that sits just outside bathroom. I considered cutting a chase in floor for waste but the bath is right along the outside wall of the bathroom so would mean pulling this all out etc. Water supply is up in the roof now so that shouldn't be too hard, again can access wall cavity from garage side. Is anyone keen, i need a price for the whole job, fittings etc, i will just supply the toilet itself. I don't want to have to get a permit as don't want extra cost, but everything must be done up to proper standard. We have guests coming next week, hence the rush. However i would need an approx quote first, then a visit and firm quote prior to any work starting. As i said, about 2 m of internal sewer pipe which will run along internal garage wall, then take out thru the garage wall and join into existing gully trap which is just outside the bathroom. Floors in bathroom are just lino, and wall linings are gib.

Title: Re: Another Winner from Builders Crack.
Post by: integrated on April 10, 2014, 02:32:12 PM
thats awesome - good ole builders crack - they sent me mail saying I hadnt relicensed (but nothing from our governing board :P) and then they allow this sort of thing to carry on!!

Builders Crack is about all its name suggests!

Ever had any real serious work from it?   I only ever seem to get tyre kickers wanting cash job prices and material @ cost  ::)
Title: Re: Another Winner from Builders Crack.
Post by: Enn on April 10, 2014, 03:31:59 PM
Sounds like a crock of s*it to me.
 Ha ha to a gully trap, good one that is, a real winner orrite.  :D
Put this one up with the gas heater / 9kg bottle / entertainment centre combo.......

I want it cheap and good and up to standard and done yesterday, like the lady who rang me at 5min to 5pm on friday wanting a leak under a house fixed that i know had been going for a week! and she got offended when i told her to turn the water off and i would see her monday.

Title: Re: Another Winner from Builders Crack.
Post by: Badger on April 10, 2014, 06:48:57 PM
What a f****ing joke.............the Board clowns are doing what about it?? Sweet F A ?
Title: Re: Another Winner from Builders Crack.
Post by: Rodza1 on April 11, 2014, 08:04:21 PM
When they dont get any replies the guy might have a crack himself. Now that would be a laugh, not that the board give a hoot. All sounds about right for NZ. Trades people get hammered. Do it yourselfer's will continue to get a free pass and Mitre10 mega will build its 500th store.

Got a enquiry today similar. Arrogant Indian guy rebuilding half his house internally. had a piece of wood with concrete blocks either side as a bench 700ish off the floor. old two burner gas ring wok burner on a lpg bottle sitting on it. Straight away alarm bells are ringing.....he wanted first toilet moved, second toilet put in,(hes got d.i.y tees off the cistern tap with flexi attached hanging into toilet bowl for bum washing, wanted a bosch 21e, new gas hob/electric range, vanity out, new shower etc. hes building walls,cavity sliders and all sorts.  he repeated the word 'easy' like twenty times etc whilst rubbing his thumb and index finger together giving me the 'nod'. i want cheap price he this point i realised if i was stupid enough to quote this he would prob never pay anyway.  looks like he had already been doing some plumbing at the house from what i could see and he made several comments about how the last plumbers were messy. pipes everywhere underneath he reckoned. Useless he says, not like me! "you run gas pipe, put tee here, hook up. put unit here" etc etc. 'easy, easy' he says. at this point im backing towards the door smiling thinking dammmm and the board think we are the problem?? his attitude overall was that plumbing is easy,easy,easy. he then informed me he expects quote by monday morning. I was like ha you'll be lucky mate.
Title: Re: Another Winner from Builders Crack.
Post by: robbo on April 11, 2014, 09:25:14 PM
hi guys,i sent the guy a message informing him that he needs consent to install this w.c. (his reply)

Hello, thanks for your note, would you have any idea of cost of consent, then cost of the job itself? Just a ball park figure to work off would be great, thanks.

I have told him to ring the Rangiora council for advice, end of story,whatever the outcome i am not interested in the job,cheers
Title: Re: Another Winner from Builders Crack.
Post by: Rodza1 on April 12, 2014, 02:23:28 PM
crazy stuff robbo. he will prob get a qualified plumber to quote and explain how to do the job properly then he will freak at the cost because he wants cheap cheap cheap then he will probably go and try do it himself.

Just got back from another renovation all done by a handyman...40mm dux adjustable height trap on a bath waste under the floor installed upside down resulting in it falling off and flooding under the floor for months. Wont get into the other problems, just typical crap work. DIY is everywhere in this country. I'm going to write the board a letter asking what they are doing about it on a national scale. Plenty is spent on keeping registered trades people in check. what about the 50,000 people a year that just do plumbing & drainage themselves to save a few bucks and have never heard of the board. I notice most people wont touch gas and get someone in but plumbing on the other hand....