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Description: Great Company Looking for Great Plumbers and Gasfitters!

• You love your trade, want to improve your skills and learn new things?
• Finding it hard to work for someone that doesn’t appreciate all your hard work?
• As a team player you want to work with others that have the same values?
• You want to earn more and be rewarded for going the extra mile?
• Keen on being part of a professional fast growing Plumbing company?

Does this sounds like you? If yes then we definitely want you to contact us!

Our philosophy is that hard work can be enjoyable when you’re working under the right conditions with the right people. Be part of a fast growing plumbing, gasfitting and drainage company that takes your concerns seriously and offers space for your skill advancement and rewards. With us its more than just a van, phone and satisfying hourly rate! We will regularly up-skill you and introduce you to a range of new and exciting aspects within your industry!

If you're after more than just a “plumbing job” why not send us your CV and start your new carrier with a company that is also interested in your advancement and personal goals!

Email with CV

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