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Masterlink vs Apprentice Training Trust + Pre-trade etc
« on: May 30, 2016, 03:57:25 PM »
My son is looking at starting an apprenticeship at the end of the school year.

What is everyone's views of

1. Masterlink vs Apprentice training trust vs finding an apprenticeship in Auckland without either of them?
2. Pre-trade courses (would be Unitech or MIT for him). Nice kid, good attitude, but like many teenagers doesn't have the hand tool skills we did as teenagers. (Did furniture making at school but they seem to actually make sod-all- no metal work room at his secondary school - don't get me started!)
3. Any other input welcome.



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Re: Masterlink vs Apprentice Training Trust + Pre-trade etc
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2016, 06:40:58 PM »
Hi  Grant, I have not heard much about master link or ATT  so cannot comment, however i was not very impressed with the PG&D ITO .
One would hope that things have got better there as they sure needed to. Im sure others will have a better idear finger on the pulse so to speak

 Nice kid, good attitude, but like many teenagers doesn't have the hand tool skills we did as teenagers.

 How about doing a couple of projects in the shed to  give/get some hand tool experience?

 The Pre - traders that i saw at tech were sure doing some interesting stuff, but large class numbers and differing  teaching skills and time allocation of tutors and workshop must have made it hard to give a good grounding in basic skills, very much a sausage factory approach, bums on seats and grab the money.

it is amazing how things you learn when your young stick, I still cant bear to see a hand plane sitting on its flat i just have to put it side down! Guess the wood work teachers application of flat wood to backside for this was a major contributing factor. :o

Certinaly a good time to get into a trade, I wish the lad all the best.

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Re: Masterlink vs Apprentice Training Trust + Pre-trade etc
« Reply #2 on: July 06, 2016, 10:54:33 PM »
Hi Grant

We employ apprentices but are not Auckland based.  I've taken on a lot of apprentices that have done a pre-trade - mostly because during the pre-trade they have to get work experience and we have had a chance to see them one day a week - ensure they can turn up on time, are well presented etc. 

A pre trade costs about $6k - it does not reduce the cost or time required for a full apprenticeship - so ideally if your son can secure an apprenticeship without a pre-trade that is the most ideal scenario.

Masterlink is a good vehicle if your son can secure a host.  They give them Ipads and tools - and pay the majority of the apprenticeship fees - so from your son's point of view his costs are much lower than doing a direct apprenticeship as most employers make the apprentice pay the weekly direct debit to the ITO.

I don't know about ATT - but have heard mixed things about them from within industry.

If you son does some homework about who the good employers of apprentices are he should target them - and you would undoubtedly be able to help him with this - do they do plumbing AND gas (he wants to get both trades under his belt and a company that does active gasfitting would be preferable rather than one that does  a little bit of gasfitting - there appears to be less and less gasfitters and it is a lucrative trade to have).  There are some essential things to look out for:
1.  If the company have a trial period - get in writing how long it is and what intervals feed back will be given.
2.  If he has not signed into an apprenticeship and is in a trial period then he needs to be paid at least the minimum wage, you can't pay apprentice wages unless they are signed into an apprenticeship agreement
3.  Always check what the wages are, how often they are paid, and what the progression steps are (not the first question to ask at an interview, but it has to be covered off)
4.  find out who pays for what during the apprenticeship - employers must provide all health and safety gear, but who pays the apprenticeship fees etc
5.  encourage him to view his apprenticeship as all the way through to certifying - so six years not four.

I would give Greg Wallace at Master Plumbers a call - or Kate Jenkins from Masterlink - they have a lot of resources they can send out.  There is a bit of a shortage in Auckland so I would hope employers are looking for apprentices.  You will have a reasonable idea of some of the good employers up there and the ones that do gas as well as Plumbing.  I guess the geography of Auckland is important so your whole life isn't spent getting to and from work, but certainly there are some good solid firms up there who train well.
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Re: Masterlink vs Apprentice Training Trust + Pre-trade etc
« Reply #3 on: July 07, 2016, 10:33:31 AM »
We are based in Auckland and I sign all our apprentices with Skills. Do not use Unitech, I have 1 more at Unitech and it is very painful and very hard on the guys. Skills costs a bit more but they are very organised and work great with the apprentice and employer.

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